After spending most of Sunday watching wall-to-wall coverage of the bearded man found in a hole in Iraq, the utility of the phrase “now that they’ve got Saddam” became crystal clear.

The various talking heads and Talking Heads of State repeatedly used those words to kick off a fresh look on practically everything–the election, the prosecution of the war, the relationship with Europe and so on.

Why stop there? It’s clear that some kind of universal threshold has been crossed and we can all get on with our lives. Seize the opportunity for a fresh start. “Now that they’ve got Saddam,” go ahead and start that big home improvement project, resolve to spend more time with the kids, give the dog a bath or write those thank-you notes.

It’s a phrase tailor-made for the holiday social season, where it can be the perfect party icebreaker, the best excuse you could offer for having another slice of pie, and a convenient way to ease into an awkward introduction. (“Louise, now that they’ve got Saddam, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Ed.”)