Ann Coulter’s Twitter feed is a shit-stream of right-wing commentary so intentionally “outrageous” that it somehow ends up being boring. Nobody knows if she believes half of the lowest-common-denominator jingoistic horse-shit that slimes out of her mouth and fingers, and, increasingly, nobody cares. Unless you enjoy being trolled, we cannot recommend joining the ranks of the approx. 732,000 humans and sad bots who follow her.

That being said! Yesterday, we couldn’t help but notice that Coulter blew a little kiss in the general direction of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.

Coulter is a big Trump supporter, and she thinks McCrory would be a perfect running mate for President Trump®. Why? Well.


She just loves the way McCrory has no respect for centuries-old traditions in North Carolina higher education:

This actually isn’t the first time Coulter has made eyes at McCrory. She also swooned over a bill he signed in October targeting undocumented workers in North Carolina’s sanctuary cities.

Here in North Carolina, not everybody else is feeling the love for McCrory. Recent polls indicate he has an approval rating of 38 percent. He’s also staring down a tough reelection fight with probable Democratic candidate Roy Cooper.

Plus, Coulter (and Trump) would have to contend for McCrory’s affection with Twitter users like @DixieHeritageNC, the first reply to Coulter’s tweet:

Merry Christmas, everyone.