All’s quiet on the Carrboro front. Officers in the Paris of the Piedmont filed 12 incident reports and responded to two traffic accidents Wednesday. No arrests were made.

Among the incidents (police narratives in parentheses):

• an animal call (Complainant states that there is a black snake in front of her front door. On arrival the snake had moved to the bushes in front of the house. I was unable to locate the animal. I advised her to call if it came back.)

• three men attempting to smoke a blunt at the Carrboro-based Chapel Hill Tennis Club (Mr. Powell disposed of the marijuana by opening the piece of bag and emptying it in a large trash can along with the cigar paraphernalia. No charges were filed in the incident. All parties involved were advised they should not return to the business unless during business hours.–no further)

• a parking space dispute (I responded to 310 N Greensboro St in reference to communicating threats. The complainant, Charlotte Livingston, advised that she and a black male, identified as Anthony Paige, had gotten into a verbal altercation over a parking spot. She stated that she pulled into a parking spot in that Paige had been waiting for. She advised that once she pulled in he yelled at her “that`s fucked up.” She stated that she then yelled back “kiss my ass.” She advised that once inside Harris Teeter, Paige approached her and told her “you don`t know who you’re fucking with.” She stated that Paige also threatened to hit her in the face. Paige advised that Livingston had cut him off pulling into a parking spot. He advised that he did yell at her and used profanity. He stated that he told her “you don`t know who you`re fucking with.” He stated that he did not make any threats to Livingston’s safety.

Livingston was referred to the magistrate in reference to the threats. She advised that she did not wish to pursue charges. Both parties left the area. No further assistance needed.)

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