“Here’s a picture called Pennsylvania blues,” artist Andy Friedman says at the start of his set. Though he doesn’t play guitar, blow harp, or sing, Friedman considers himself a bluesman nonetheless. His method of expression is to project original pencil drawings and Polaroid photographs onstage as he explains what the images mean to him. “Country blues is a great way to live a life,” the Brooklyn-born artist explains. “I look at it as a language.” Freidman’s goal is to remove art from the sterile gallery environment and allow patrons to connect with the current that drives the work. Paul Curreri makes up the second half of the bill playing traditional country blues in the style of artists like Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James and Dave Van Ronk. Curreri’s latest release, Songs For Devon Sproule is a collection of originals done in the country blues style. “Andy’s and my record collection are identical,” says the guitarist. “Except mine is half as many walls long as his.” Catch the multimedia composition beginning 8 p.m.; at the end of the evening, Curreri and Freidman will hawk their respective wares side by side–a book of Freidman’s off beat, kinky and often white-trashy photos and Curerri’s CD. 469-3667 for info, or visit www.citysalvagerecords.com. $8.