If Who’s Bad? wasn’t a Michael Jackson tribute band, it would probably be a local jazz supergroup–bound and determined to set the scene on fire with a handful of musicians that met half a decade ago through Chapel Hill’s jazz program (Matt McCaughan, Ray McCall, Vamsi Tadepelli) and the acid-wash stylings of Raleigh guitar phenom, Chris Boerner. As is, though, Who’s Bad is the ultimate party waiting to happen, taking airtight and allegiant turns at 28 of the highpoints in Jackson’s three-decade career–all the way from the 1970’s “ABC” to 1992’s “Jam,” but with a special emphasis on the ’80s dance magic in between. Taalib York’s vocal posturing is as impeccable as the band’s precision, and–face it–this may be the closest you’ll ever get to The King of Pop live. Tickets are $6. For information, visit www.lincolntheatre.com . —Grayson Currin