Joe Parrish, a twenty-four-year-old Democrat, seeks to represent District 2 (Person and Granville Counties) in the North Carolina House of Representatives, a position currently occupied by Larry Yarbrough, a Roxboro businessman. Parrish is trying to court the youth vote up in Person County, and what better way to connect with the Youths of Today™ than Pokemon Go?

“I play it myself,” Parrish tells the INDY, “and I thought it might be interesting to use Pokemon as a way to reach out to the younger voting public, which is usually a difficult group to reach out to.”

On Friday evening, at 7 p.m., Parrish is hosting “Pokemon Go with Joe!” at Roxboro’s Huck Sansbury Park, which Parrish says has been a sort of nexus of Pokemon activity in the area. “I’ll give a short campaign speech, there’ll be some free pizza,” Parrish says, “and then whoever shows up, we’ll walk around the park, talk, and catch Pokemon.”

Huck Sansbury Park is located at 303 S. Morgan Street, in Roxboro. More info on the Facebook event page, here.