· In April of this year, Tomika Walker was pulled from her car while waiting at a stoplight in Raleigh. Police officers pushed her against the car, pulled her arms back and put handcuffs on her. When they began addressing her as “Yolanda,” Walker informed the officers that they had the wrong person. But the police continued to threaten and push her against the car for another 15 minutes, Walker says. At that point, an officer finally asked for identification and realized they had made a mistake. Walker says she was told she had the same hair and skin color as the suspect they were pursuing. She was released without an apology.

· Last year, Jacqueline Smith was pulled from her car in Southeast Raleigh and ordered to spit out the drugs she had in her mouth–but she had no drugs in her mouth. Smith says the officer then hit her with his flashlight. The officer said she fought. Smith came away from the incident with an elbow that was broken in three places and charges against her: assault on an officer, resisting arrest and expired registration. In April, her case was dismissed in Wake County District Court. Smith plans to file a complaint against the Raleigh Police Department.