The Libertarian Party Web site has a headline “Party of Principle.” But at least one of the party’s candidates appears to be short in that regard. Libertarian candidate Justin Lallinger’s campaign signs ask voters to re-elect him. But there’s one problem.: He’s never held political office, and you can’t re-elect someone who’se never been elected in the first place.

Lallinger is challenging Democratic incumbent Larry Hall for the N.C. House District 29 seat.

Herald-Sun (registration required) talked to Lallinger, whose Palin-esque explanation defied logic.

“It was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek thing,” Lallinger said of the signs. “On one hand, my official stance is that as a Libertarian I’m all about sound fiscal policies. Just like everyone else in my district, I’m kind of hurting for money. So I figured I’d get some signs that I could reuse in 2010, after the voters elect me once.”