Outside of Charlotte, in Union County, there’s a guy named Brian Crump running for sheriff. Here’s the website for his campaign. It does not contain any overtly racist language, but Crump’s Facebook history tells a different story.

Per the Twitter account of Shaun King, at 1:57 a.m. on March 19, 2014, Crump made the following post on a gun website:


Whoa! That is pretty much the most racist thing a person can say!

Crump also owns Crump Investigations, a private investigations company based in Charlotte. We called him at his office to see what he had to say for himself. Turns out, kind of a lot!

“It’s the good-old-boy network here in Union County that doesn’t want to see me as sheriff,” Crump said. “That’s who’s behind this. The good old boys at the old house in [Union County seat] Monroe hacked my account. Think about it, if you were running for public office would you dare put something that controversial on social media?”

We noted that this was almost two years ago at 2 a.m.

“Yeah, but I already knew I was running even then,” Crump said. “It’s been known for years I was planning on running. I’m not even up at 1:57 a.m.”

We asked whether, since Crump is a private investigator by trade, he might already be equipped with some tools that could aid him in investigating his claim that his account was hacked.

“Unless you have subpoena power you can’t subpoena whoever made this post two or three years ago,” Crump said. “Somebody hacks my Bank of America card every six months. Explain that. Why do I have vendors calling me all the time telling me my account has been compromised. How?”

Crump continued: “Spin it however you want from Facebook. I got nothing to hide. My life’s an open book. All I care about is my wife and kids. If I made a post that controversial, I’d have shut down that account and opened a new one. That’s how you’d do it.”

Good to know. Here’s the Facebook page for Crump’s campaign. We suspect it may not be active very much longer.

UPDATE: The post has been removed. (Screenshot still viewable above.) Must have been those darned good-old-boys!

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  1. He’s back at it again and it looks like from a public Facebook post he was fired from the police force for brutality. I would be very interested to read that story.

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