If you had to dump your car in the right-of-way during yesterday’s snow-related goatf*ck, it may have been towed.

Here’s a list of the cars that were towed in Chapel Hill, and where they were found:

– 2000 silver Pontiac, VSM-5609, Raleigh Road (NC 54 West) at Friday Center Drive

– Green Pontiac, BCD-4990, Fordham Boulevard (US 15-501) near Elliott Road

– 2004 red Jeep, WTW-1237, Estes Drive near Village Drive

– 2002 red Ford, CEK-1620, Fordham Boulevard (US 15-501) near St Thomas More church and school

– 1999 silver Mercedes, MVY-5380, MLK Boulevard near the town police department

– 2009 silver Hyundai, YZC-8830, East Franklin near Elizabeth Street

If you have further questions, call the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-968-2760. If you abandoned your car outside of the city limits and it’s missing, contact State Highway Patrol at 919-733-3861.