In a quintessentially Chapel Hill thing to do, the town has announced that its police officers will give people “good tickets”—read: coupons—for doing good things. What sort of good things? Over to you, Daily Tar Heel:

“It’s a good opportunity to thank those for following the law,” Chapel Hill Police Lt. Celisa Lehew said.

Lehew said good tickets are exactly what they sound like: a reward for residents who obey the law. Pedestrians using crosswalk signals, bicyclists following roadway signs and drivers obeying motor vehicle laws would all qualify for good tickets. The tickets would include a coupon and brief information on safety laws.

The idea behind this partnership, a joint venture between CHPD and UNC’s Department of Public Safety that originated in Greenville, is to make is so not every interaction you have with a police officer is a bad thing. Local businesses—including The Yogurt Pump and Noodles and Company, which have already signed on to the initiative—would benefit, too, but getting their coupons in the hands of potential customers.

These tickets, which CHPD should start dishing out toward this end of this month, won’t be handed out randomly.

Lehew said the good tickets will be distributed at set times, days and locations that will be listed on Facebook, Twitter and the Chapel Hill town website.

Which means—just saying—it might be pretty easy to game the system. Not that we would ever do such a thing.