Kevin Wolff has issued a press release claiming he was misquoted in this Monday’s N&O and threatening legal action if other reporters “alter any of these facts.”

Wolff was responding to this article in which Anne Bleyman, identified as a Mark Kleinschmidt supporter, says she received a push poll phone call from Wolff’s campaign that asked if she’d vote for Wolff if she knew he was the only “moral” candidate.

Wolff’s campaign manager, Steve Hill, said the word was “mayoral.” Hill refused to release the text of the poll to the N&O.

Today’s release states that “An article appeared in The News & Observer on Monday, September 21, that implied that Kevin Wolff stated ‘… he never authorized a poll question about morality.” That is an incorrect statement, Mr. Wolff stated that the campaign has never discussed morality period.”

It goes on to say that Wolff will not confirm or deny a poll exists and will not share his campaign strategy.

“Mr. Wolff, an attorney, understands the concern over such an accusation and has provided the truth to the media. If the media chooses to alter any of these facts, they may be subject to legal action,” it reads.

Wolff is running for mayor for the third time after twice losing to Mayor Kevin Foy.