That’s an interesting spot up in the northeastern corner of your state. Lots of water, not many people, but some huge flocks of birds are theredid we hear correctly that they’re chickens?

Actually, Zork, I think that’s the Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge, and what you see are migratory snow geese and other waterfowloh, wait, you must mean our two U.S. senators, Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr. Folks Down East say they’re chickens, especially Dole.

See, the Navy wants to build an airfield (an “outlying landing field”) where its fighter pilots can practice landing their jets. Since it’s got pilots based in North Carolina and Virginia, it’s been looking at a place halfway betweenbut that’s right next to the wildlife refuge. For five years they’ve been looking, and for five years the people there (but you’re right, Zork, there aren’t too many voters) have been fighting the plan, because migratory birds and fighter jets just don’t mix. And five years on, what’s Dole’s position? She doesn’t have one! Neither does Burr, but he wasn’t elected to the Senate until 2004 (though he was a Congressman before that). Dole’s been there since 2002, and she sits on the Armed Services Committee. Even so, not a peep out of her yet!