Hillary Clinton is narrowly beating out Donald Trump in the latest North Carolina Public Policy Polling survey. This is her first lead in the state since March.

Clinton leads Trump 43 percent to 41 percent in the poll released today. Her favorability has remained basically unchanged, however Trump’s is starting to see a downward spiral. In June, North Carolina voters polled a favorability rating of 39 percent for Clinton, and this month that’s up to 40 percent.

Where as Trump has seen a continued decline in his already low ratings—only 37 percent of voters have a favorable view of the man.

But once you get into the ˇnitty-gritty of the poll, there’s some stand out results.

For instance, of Trump voters polled 69 percent think if Clinton wins the election in November it’ll be because it was rigged—a theory often verbalized by Trump on the campaign trail. Only 16 percent of Trump voters believe if Clinton won the election in November it would be because she got more votes than Trump.

Remember when Trump said he saw the video of Iran collection $400 million from the United States and then admitted the video doesn’t exist? Well, 47 percent of his supporters say they’ve seen the video and only 25 percent of Clinton voters say the same. Overall, 58 percent of voters said they hadn’t seen the video.

Also good to know—41 percent of Trump supporters believe Clinton is the devil, whereas 0 (yes, zero) percent of Clinton supporters in the state believe she’s the devil. But, that’s a nearly even split with Trump supporters that don’t believe Clinton is the devil—42 percent. An overwhelming 94 percent of Clinton supporters believe she is not the devil, and well, that other 6 percent just isn’t quite sure.

And 54 percent of voters polled said Trump could not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

PPP found that 50 percent of voters prefer a continuation of the Obama administration over a potential Trump administration.

As far as undecided voters are concerned, 1 percent of voters favor Trump in the election, where as 2 percent favor Clinton. Bernie Sanders is holding out with 45 percent of undecided voters still favoring him.

The PPP results come as The Donald makes two campaign stops in the state today. The first will take place at 2 p.m. at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. From there Trump will make the eighty-nine-mile trip inland to speak in Fayetteville at six p.m.