This Wednesday, UNC film instructors in the communications department will put aside their notes and step down from the podium. Instead of lecturing on other people’s films, members of the communications faculty will display their own work.

Longtime faculty member Hap Kindem will screen Suzy Whaley: Qualified for Life, his new short documentary about a onetime UNC student who is now a golf pro in Connecticut. Last summer, while all eyes were on Annika Sorenstam’s highly publicized appearance on the pro tour, Whaley quietly qualified for a spot in the Greater Hartford Open, becoming the first woman in a half century to qualify for a PGA men’s tourney. (Sorenstam received a special invitation.)

Elsewhere on the program, the talented and prolific Francesca Talenti will show her latest effort, an animated short-short called Dancing Dog –a film we hear is advertised truthfully. Mark Robinson will contribute three experimental pieces: Pig is Dancing a Jig, Sleepy Time Jazz and Stuck Truck. (One of these films–we suspect it is the last–concerns an insane clown). And finally, there’s Jason Middleton’s Post-Industrial Symphony, his historically-informed meditation on the decline of urban living in Durham, and the simultaneous rise of those mysterious suburban office parks.

The UNC Faculty Showcase will take place Wednesday, April 14 at 7 p.m. in 116 Murphey Hall on UNC’s campus. Admission is free and open to all.