Congressman G.K. Butterfield told the INDY moments ago that he has too many concerns about President-elect Donald Trump to participate in Friday’s inauguration.

Here is Butterfield’s entire statement, sent exclusively to the INDY:

Moments after this story broke, Congresswoman Alma Adams (the INDY requested information about her intentions re: the inauguration this morning, also) released a statement, saying she, too, would boycott.

Congressman David Price, however, won’t yet commit one way or another. Here is his statement:

“Congressman Price has attended every Inauguration since he was first elected to Congress in 1986, but he shares the sense of many of his Democratic colleagues that Donald Trump presents an unprecedented affront to our democratic norms and the dignity of the Office of the President. At the same time, it is important to affirm support for these norms and the rule of law. He was also appalled by Mr. Trump’s attacks on John Lewis, a universally admired champion of our nation’s promise. Mr. Price is currently engaged in discussions with his family, colleagues, and constituents about how best to express his grave concerns about of President-elect Trump’s actions.”