The Contemporary Art Museum is now part of NCSU’s College of Design. The new incarnation is officially known as Contemporary Art Museum–an Initiative of the College of Design. The college will hire a new museum director and education program director to oversee rotating exhibits throughout the Triangle and invite visiting artists, scholars and lecturers.

“This is our version of a teaching hospital,” College of Design Dean Marvin Malecha said, explaining the role of the new program. This semester, a studio course in the art and design and graphic design programs ponders the question, “What is CAM?”

A separate entity, the Contemporary Art Foundation, will spin off to focus on the renovation of CAM’s downtown warehouse space and the fundraising it will require.

EXPLORIS has lowered ticket prices to $5 per person. Museum spokesperson Melanie Davis-Jones says visitors have often commented that they’d come more often but for the cost, formerly $7.95 for adults and $6.95 for students and seniors. “The trade-off will be more people through the door,” she says. Children under 3 are admitted for free.

THE NORTH CAROLINA FREEDOM MONUMENT, honoring the state’s African-American history, is a little closer to reality after the selection of a design team. The preliminary plan created by a Chapel Hill team consisting of artist Juan Logan, architect David Swanson and historian Lyneise Williams has “captured the ability to speak to multiple generations, which was one of things we wanted most in this project,” says Audrey Galloway, president and CEO of the project.

The monument will occupy an acre of land at the intersection of Lane and Wilmington streets in downtown Raleigh. The design includes an entrance from each street, a fountain, benches, and a serpentine wall of varying shades of granite with inscriptions that evoke “what the concept of freedom means to different people,” Galloway says. See or more information.