Are you among the vast majority of Americans who are pissed off that the Trump administration is ripping crying children from their parents’ arms and throwing them into cages to use as leverage in the president’s quest for a border wall?

Are you angry about Trumpworld’s shifting explanations and outright mendacity, the fearmongering and bogus justifications that cannot veil the throughline of white supremacy that animates the White House’s immigration policies (crafted by dead-eyed Duke grad Stephen Miller)?

Are you tired of the president lying repeatedly and shamelessly that his policy of separating children from their parents isn’t actually his policy but the result of a law passed by Democrats—which is, I should mention once again, a goddamn lie—that only Congress can fix, when in reality the president could fix it with one phone call?

Then you, sir or madam, are a decent human being.

And you are not Dallas Woodhouse, the executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Below, I present an exchange between Woodhouse and Wake County Commissioner/Twitter pugilist John Burns:

Dallas Woodhouse, I should reiterate, is the head of the North Carolina Republican Party, and he believes that a) undocumented immigrants, many of whom are fleeing abject poverty and gang violence in Central American, are “infesting” this country like they’re cockroaches or something; b) Democrats are all too happy to let it happen because they want to score some MS-13 votes, which makes total sense; c) and all of this apparently justifies separating brown children from their parents and caging them in concentration camps—or, as Fox News propagandist Laura Ingraham calls it, “summer camp.”

Update: Woodhouse just responded to my Twitter inquiry on his support for Trump’s separation policy.

Except there are credible reports that asylum-seekers are in fact being detained and their children taken away.

Let us never again kid ourselves that this party and its minions and hacks are not tied at the hip to Trumpism and all of the ignominies it represents. May we never let them forget this evil they embrace or live it down.

Read more: Here’s a good, succinct explainer from the Texas Tribune.

Listen to this audio.