In an interview last week (first reported on by Right Wing Watch) with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who has compared the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to bestiality, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest laid a whopper while discussing HB 2.

“In fact, the Charlotte ordinance was amazingly discriminatory against, especially women and girls,” Forest said, “who no longer basically had the freedom to walk into a restroom and know that they were gonna be safe and secure in that restroom, without a man walking in or a pedophile or a predator walking into that bathroom. That’s really discriminatory if you want to talk about discrimination there.”

Forest also said that the Charlotte ordinance was “unconstitutional” and said that for pro-LGBT groups, “the truth is all relative, there’s no absolute truth anymore.”

Very intelligent thoughts coming out of the Lieutenant Governor’s office. You can listen to the whole clip below.