The conservative voting bloc on Wake County’s school board is fading fast.

Debra Goldman confirmed to the News and Observer today that she is moving to Wilkes County and has submitted her resignation to the Board of Education.

This could allow Democrats on the board to create a 7-2 majority, which would be more diversity-friendly and more likely to push for additional funding during budget season.

According to the N&O’s report, Goldman appears to have been automatically removed from the board when she changed her voter registration to Wilkes County. If that’s true she won’t be able to vote at Tuesday’s board meeting.

Here are the only details, directly from the N&O story, to emerge on Goldman’s relocation:

On Friday, Goldman said she is in the process of moving to Ronda, in Wilkes County, where she appears on voter rolls and where she’ll be taking a job with a nonprofit organization. She declined to name the organization.

Goldman tells INDY Week she’ll be holding a press conference Sunday at 1:00 pm at 19 W. Hargett St. Suite 512 in Raleigh.

Goldman has tried to brand herself as the board’s watchdog, since Democrats regained the majority in 2011. She often asked seemingly endless strings of questions on particular subjects. INDY Week columnist Bob Geary wrote that her actions amounted to filibusters, rather than watchdogging.

Goldman was elected in 2009, when Republicans swept that year’s school board elections.