Deep Theory is one of those underground groups that I suspect doesn’t mind being underground as long as they get their props. With their debut CD, 1800.001, Deep Theory takes a step in that direction. For those who aren’t math majors, 1,800 seconds equals 30 minutes, thus the CD’s catchy title–although the length of the CD goes past a half-hour. Deep Theory, led by DJ TLI, aka Walt Strain of Raleigh, is a collective of artists that experiments heavily with ’80s instrumental grooves, beats and sounds. 1800.001 gives you an eclectic mix of ’80s instrumental groups and hip-hop/B-Boy performers from Paul Hardcastle to Kraftwerk, from Afrikka Bambaataa’s Soul Sonic Force and Mantronix to the Art of Noise, to name a few. DJ TLI doesn’t try to hide the fact that he reaches back in time with his music; in fact, he gives you every opportunity to guess his influences.

There’s “Get Rocked (Good Vibes Mix),” a Kraftwerk-Soul Sonic Force-influenced groove, or check out the a head-trippin’ cut, “Psychological Warfare/Release Me,” which features rap vocals by local rapper K-Poetik. Overall, the entire CD is worth listening to, and if you’re into electronic instrumental with tight beats, breaks and keyboard arrangements, then this CD delivers.