When the votes are counted in the Wake County Board of Education District 3 runoff tonight, the winner will be celebrating at Milton’s Pizza & Pasta in —

Well, that’s the rub. There are two Milton’s Pizza & Pastas in District 3. One is in what we might call old North Raleigh; the other is so far out in the new North Raleigh that Milton’s itself lists its location variously as being in Wake Forest or “Wakefield.”

Kevin Hill, the incumbent, plans to be at the first Milton’s, the one located at 8853 Six Forks Rd. (corner of Strickland Rd.), according to Perry Woods, his campaign advisor.

Heather Losurdo, the challenger, will be at the second one, according to her campaign tweets, at the Milton’s located 14520 New Falls of Neuse Road.

Finally, something these two candidates can agree on.


Until it comes time to order the toppings.


Here’s a helpful map from Google. A marks the spot for Hill’s Milton’s. The B is for Losurdo’s.