Republican Jimmy Doster the bow tie-wearing, grip-and-grinner running for Durham school board in District 2, has raised more money than his main opponent, Sendolo Diaminah but Doster has not received the backing of the leading progressive leaders and educators.

Doster has raised $17,000 in campaign contributions—about one-third of it from out-of-state—and spent $12,000 according to reports released this week. Diaminah has raised $9,400—just 8 percent from out-of-state—and spent $5,300.

However, Diaminah received $2,500 from the North Carolina Association of Educators, $250 from City Councilman and former school board member Steve Schewel, $100 from current school board member Leigh Bordley and $150 from Theo Luebke, a field worker with America Votes and the son of state Rep. Paul Luebke, D-Durham.

District 2 includes Central and parts of South-and East Central Durham.

The INDY endorsed Diaminah.

Doster’s big contributors are Fielding Miller a financial investor in Raleigh, who contributed $1,000; Barbara Doster of Waynesville, Ohio ($2,500); John Bostick of Cincinnati ($1,000) and Alan North who works at Norlinx, a software company in Wake Forest ($1,000).

Doster is spending a signficant amount (for a school board candidate) on media: $1,955 on billboard advertising, another $1,200-plus on radio ads.

Other District 2 candidate contribution totals are as follows:

DeWarren Langley, $1,987

Donald Hughes, $4,000

Terence Scarborough, $2,696

You can review all the filed campaign contribution reports at the Durham Board of Elections website.