The Daily Tar Heel editorial board makes a bold, if quixotic, attempt today to silence a recent slew of hateful, anti-immigrant commenters (one of whom compared immigrants to “leeches” and “parasites,” who coincidentally also helped build this country, before human life formed)–by quoting two in an editorial, thus giving the purveyors of unsolicited bigotry quite possibly their first writing credit in print, or above the words, “Post a Comment.”

From the Tar Heel:

Immigration is a heated and emotional issue on both sides. But that in no way justifies the hateful speech that can be found on the comment board. These comments do nothing to advance the debate in a legitimate way.

De Acuerdo! But if you’re going to write immigration stories, get used to it. Otherwise, you’re just “aiding and abetting the leeches.” The commenters, I mean.