Long-time members of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People (and likely lots of newcomers) will be headed to White Rock Baptist Church, 3400 Fayetteville St. in Durham, shortly for the election of a chairperson for the 74-year-old organization.

Local leaders and bloggers have been busy looking forward to tonight, when the Rev. Melvin Whitley challenges 12-year incumbent Lavonia Allison for the position. Read the Indy story >>

The faceoff certainly has people talking (a lot more than they were about Durham’s fall municipal election). Here are some takes by people we interviewed, but who didn’t make it into Wednesday’s story:

“I’m supporting change for the Committee. I’d be comfortable with anyone but Lavonia.” Chuck Watts, attorney and recent addition to the N.C. Board of Transportation

“If you’ve already elected seasoned and competent professionals, why throw them overboard. That’s what doesn’t seem to make sense to outside observers.” Milo Pyne, member of the People’s Alliance on the DCABP endorsements in last month’s elections

“I do think definitively after this election, regardless of who is the victor, you will see more collaboration with other organizations, just because of the changing face of Durham.” Zack Hawkins, former president of the Young Democrats of North Carolina on collaboration between DCABP and other groups

“I think [Whitley’s] greatest leadership strength is he’s a learner. I contend that a leader unwilling to learn from the people he or she leads is not a good leader. He learns from every conversation and experience.” Milton Jordan, former journalist; political observer and friend of Melvin Whitley

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