Durham, you might want to pass on that third donut.

The Bull City ranked No. 11 on the Men’s Health list of the 100 fattest cities in the U.S.

And Raleigh, before you start gloating about your rotund neighbors to the west (besides, our insulation allows us to survive much longer in cold water), uncinch your belt a notch because you ranked No. 47.

The magazine arrived at its rankings using several criteria:

  • the percentage of people who are overweight
  • the percentage who have Type 2 diabetes
  • the percentage who haven’t left the couch in a month (we’re assuming MH doesn’t mean that literally)
  • the amount of money spent on junk food
  • and the number of people who ate fast food nine or more times in a month.

Greensboro received a No. 70 ranking, while Charlotte was 74th.

Corpus Christi, Texas, came in at No. 1, while San Francisco, unsurprisingly, was last.