Among the speakers who’ll address the stadium crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Denver tonight is Jonathan Kuniholm, an Iraq War veteran who lost his arm in combat and went on to found the Open Prosthetics Project with his colleagues at the Durham firm Tackle Design.

According to tonight’s posted schedule, he speaks during prime time–at 10 p.m. Eastern, right after Al Gore. If the cable news talking heads talk over him, try watching C-SPAN’s broadcast.

The Indy profiled Tackle and Open Prosthetics back in 2006.

(Incidentally, another Tackle Design partner, Chuck Messer, is now co-host of a Discover Channel TV show called Smash Lab.)

Meanwhile, the fearless LGBT blogger Pam Spaulding and two of her co-bloggers at Pam’s House Blend continue to blog the DNC. Spaulding was featured in last week’s New York Times story about the historic inclusion of bloggers among convention media.

Several local Democratic delegates are also blogging their experience at the DNC. Blue NC has ongoing updates from a few of them. N.C. Rep. Ty Harrell, an official delegate, is not only blogging at his re-election campaign site, he’s Twittering, too.

Update 8/29: Here’s video “> of Kuniholm’s speech before the DNC.