The results are in. That is, there are totals on the June 22 runoff election’s early voting thus far.

Early voting is already an embodiment of “easier said than done,” so perhaps expecting any sort of respectable turnout for a runoff election is far too wishful. I will certainly no longer hold my breath in anticipation.

As of yesterday, 177 Chatham county citizens had exercised their right to vote, which equates to a grand ‘ol .4% of the county’s total registered voters. Likewise, 370 Orange county voters have already visited the polls, another .4% of total registered in the county. A mere 541 voters have visited early polls in Durham county, which is but .3% of its total registered residents.

To cap it all off, Wake county’s sum reaches 587, a whopping .1% of all voters in the significantly larger county. All totaled, .2% of voters in the four counties have taken advantage of the early option. And I rounded up.

I avoid numbers with the best of my fellow liberal arts-majors, and even I didn’t need a calculator to add up these totals. Hopefully this does not predict turnout for actual election day in a week and a half; after all, it is beginning to be vacation season, and we’re all busy logging as many work hours as possible to warrant our week off worth it, right? Of course election day is on our calendar, bolded and underlined. Remember, you can’t complain if you didn’t cast your vote in the first place!