Your presidential election process is very confusing to us. Please explain how your “Money Primary” worksdo the political parties choose their nominees based on how much money they can obtain? (We try to pick the best leader.)

Zork, think of our parties as the “Red” team and the “Blue” team. Everybody over 18 gets to be on one team or the other. Then each team picks a candidate they think can win the election. See how simple it is?

But the teams don’t actually vote, except if you live in Iowa or New Hampshire. So the way everyone else can play is by betting their money. So far, members of the “Blue” team have bet the most money on Sen. Hillary Clinton, although Sen. Barack Obama is closeand has twice as many people betting on him as she does. On the “Red” side, Mitt Romney’s aheadso far. But remember, the nominees will be whoever gets the most votes in Iowa and New Hampshire. If that’s who you bet on, you win! (And qualify for fabulous prizes!)

Best leader? No, that doesn’t really enter into it down here.