As if you couldn’t be jazzed enough about the spectacle of the NCAA basketball tournaments, the kings of acrobatic b-ball, the Harlem Globetrotters (pictured left) will be in town at 4 p.m. Saturday, March 25, at the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena. Take all the things you love about the sport–coordination, athleticism, entertainment value–and subtract the stuff you hate–contract talks, inflated egos, trash-talking and hot tempers–and you’ve got the Globetrotters. The team recently retired the jersey of the giant who claimed that playing for the team was the best time of his life–Wilt Chamberlain. Whether our b-ball greats played for the exhibition team or not, the ‘trotters have inspired Hall of Famers from time immemorial, at least by making budding sportsmen desperate to learn how to spin the ball on their fingertips and dribble between their legs. Take the kiddies to this family-oriented spectacle, or reminisce about the days you marveled at the phenomenal agility of the likes of Meadowlark Lemon or Wilt “The Stilt.” Call TicketMaster, 834-4000, for information.