Little Raleigh Radio was denied the low-power FM license it applied for more than a year ago.

Instead, the Federal Communications Commission granted the 106.5 frequency (which will reach listeners within southeast Raleigh and inside the beltline) to two Catholic conglomerates: the local Knights of Columbus chapter, and the Corporation for Educational Advancement.

Kelly Reid and Jacob Downey, the founders of Little Raleigh Radio, wrote in an email to their listeners and volunteers that they are “deeply disappointed” in the FCC’s decision but “knew it was a possibility from the outset.”

“We are living in the midst of a renaissance in radio where the Internet allows us to share ourselves unencumbered by the airwaves,” the email states. “And we are in the heart of Raleigh, a city with a hopeful, gritty and entrepreneurial spirit. This fuels our drive to create meaningful, informative and entertaining programming. We do what we do because we love creating and we love Raleigh.”