The U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina yesterday charged a California man with making racist threats against Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown.

Jesse Lee Kuhl is charged with transmission of threatening communications interstate, and using an electronic communication service to engage in a course of conduct with the intent to harass or intimidate another person. He is custody and scheduled for his initial appearance tomorrow in federal court in Fresno.

In affidavit filed with the complaint, Raleigh FBI Agent Craig Noyes, assigned to domestic terrorism cases, detailed the litany of racist emails allegedly sent by Kuhl—before and after he was warned to stop.

In October 2014, Deck-Brown received four emails including the following language:

—”no wonder Raleigh has a Black Chief”

—”im going to kill one of you for what you started in 2005/06.”

—”it wont matter that your african lady. i will tell the bgf to kill you.”

—”this is why raleigh would have a black chief of police”

—”you people deserve to die.”


—”mike ingle would be hiding behind a black crook like you”

—”LEAVE Raleigh immediately , or else.”

The Raleigh Police Department obtained the Internet Protocol address associated with the sender. It traced to Turlock, Calf. The current resident of the home told the FBI Kuhl no longer lived there but provided his telephone number.

When reached, Kuhl told the FBI he was angry at police chiefs because they knew of his mistreatment by his former employer, NC Waste Management. He said he was discriminated against because of his purported knowledge of employees bringing drugs into the state. He told the FBI he was intoxicated when he sent the emails, and that he’d since quit drinking.

The next day, however, Kuhl apparently sent more threatening emails to Deck-Brown, which included the following language:

—”you dont have a customer service rep. from your local fbi call me — You get up and do your job . if i catch you niggers pitching crack 1 moretime I will be back in Raleigh with a very big knife.”

—”you area corrupt lying bitch and if i threatened you its because you were setup with that job to lie for the city of raleigh- You do realize whats going to happen to people like you — dont you?”

—”ed told me about when the Fayetteville police dept. had a balck guys headcutoff in. his bed”

The emails continued for six days, with subject lines including statements like, “Resign Nigger,” “Black Trash” and “I will kill you.”