This weekend’s Chapel Hill police bulletin looks like a guest list for a welcome back party. It is, kind of.

The return of UNC students lead to an expected spike in alcohol related arrests in Chapel Hill this weekend with 28 incidents reported.

It breaks down to 17 underage possession arrests, four charges of consuming alcoholic beverage at less than 21 years of age, three counts of open container violations, two driving while intoxicated, one possession of fraudulent ID, one arrest for aiding and abetting a DWI and one charge of transporting spirituous liquor.

Chapel Hill Police Lt. Kevin Gunter says that’s about what he’d expect for the weekend leading up to the first day of class.

“I think it’s what we normally see for first weekends,” he said. “We notice an increase in those types of incidences when the students are in town.”

Among those charged 24 were UNC students, according to the campus directory. Nine of them were freshman, with five sophomores, eight juniors and one senior also experiencing a rough first weekend.

Gunter says additional officers will patrol in and around downtown through next weekend and Alcohol Law Enforcement agents may also work with local police.

“We want to make sure that information gets out to students about rules and laws and ordinances that relate to possession of alcohol,” he said. “When they have drinks out on public sidewalks, they are in violation, and we’re going to pursue those types of situations.”