Almost half of the Chapel Hill’s standing committees and advisory boards served taxpayer-funded food at events from November 2008 to November 2009, receipts show.

We wrote about the Town Council’s meeting munchies expenditures in this week’s Indy. Unlike the council, most of the town’s other food-eating groups only order grub a few times a year.

The Library Board of Trustees spent the most with $345.67 purchased.

The Human Services Advisory Board is the only other group coming close to that total with a $328.75 bill, which amounts to one half of the cost split with Carrboro for feeding 15 members as they reviewed grant applications at five special meetings in March and April.

The only other full meal expenses came from the Mayor’s office, which doled out $63.64 including an $8 tip for a Sustainability Committee retreat and $42.63 ($3 tip) for a Mayor’s Youth for a Sustainable Future event last November.

The Stormwater Advisory Board frequents Whole Foods where they spent $137.66 that the town later reimbursed for six meetings.

The Housing Advisory Board spent $29.37 for light refreshments at two meetings while the Parks and Recreation Commission purchased $15.63 in snacks at Harris Teeter for a December 2008 meeting.

The following groups do not serve food: Bicyle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, Cemeteries Advisory Board, Community Design Commission, Greenways Commission, Public Arts Commission, Board of Adjustment, Historic District Commission and Planning Board.