Mayoral hopeful Mark Kleinschmidt has touted himself as the best candidate to continue the work of Mayor Kevin Foy. Today, Foy made public his agreement with that statement, issuing an endorsement for Kleinschmidt’s candidacy.

Kleinschmidt said he is “humbled” and “very appreciative.”

“I’m very excited that Kevin shared his endorsement with the people of Chapel Hill,” he said. “He’s been very supportive.”

Foy’s full endorsement is below:

I hope the voters in Chapel Hill will join me in voting for Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor. I’ve served as mayor for the past eight years, and I’m proud of our town – we’ve adhered to our values as a place that protects the natural environment, works closely with our university, and respects all our neighbors without regard for their economic status. Over the past eight years, with Mark Kleinschmidt helping to lead the way, Chapel Hill has invested in a safe, vibrant downtown, new greenways, the arts, a major new park, a transit center, a new public works facility, and an aquatics center. We’ve done all this with an eye to prudent money management (we have the highest bond rating) and diversifying our tax base.

And it has paid off – just this year Chapel Hill was named both America’s Most Livable City and Best Place in the Country to Start a Business. We’re doing a lot of things right!

We have a bright future. A vote for Mark for Mayor will keep Chapel Hill on the right track.

Kevin Foy