N.C. MUSEUM OF ART–There were fast-talking movies back in the first decade of sound, and there was His Girl Friday. By popular estimation, this is the speediest of them all, with overlapping dialogue allegedly delivered at 250 words a minute. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell play a pair of newspaper lifers who fall in love all over again in Howard Hawks’ classic from 1940. The 8 p.m. screening costs $5. –David Fellerath


THE BREWERY– Raleigh’s The Radio Silence will release its debut LP, Narrative, here on St. Patrick’s Day, though the tone of the record suggests more Irish whiskey reverie than Guinness beer revelry. Essentially, the quartet offers E-bow and arpeggio guitars swirling and swelling into big, guitar-driven, keyboard-bolstered crescendos, offering apologies to girls the protagonist has done wrong and offering for better luck in the future. Openers One Amazin’ Kid puts sensitive (as opposed to angry) emo into its own modern rock-ish apparatus. How Far We’ve Fallen is also on the bill. –Grayson Currin