Dungeons & Dragons fans should dust off their dice this weekend and head over to the first annual Trinoc*coN conference, a celebration that’s bringing together sci-fi authors, comic book artists, master gamers and all kinds of enthusiasts to the Durham Marriott at the Civic Center. Conference guests include Michael Stanwick, author of Stations of the Tide, The Iron Dragon’s Daughter and most recently Jack Faust; Charles Vess, who’s worked as a freelance artist for Heavy Metal, Klutz press and National Lampoon (his artwork is pictured); and Skip Williams, one of the designers for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons’ third edition. A costume contest, a masquerade ball and demonstrations of gladiatorial and medieval combat will balance the weekend’s headier activities. Registration is $35 for the Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 event. For more information, check out the Web site at www.trinoc-con.org or call 319-1672.