This award-winning independent film is of special interest to North Carolinians as it was shot on location in Winston-Salem. Writer-director David Gordon Green, a N.C. School of the Arts grad, gathered a cast of non-professional actors and deliberately placed them in non-controlled environments, rather than using sets and artificial lighting techniques. Finding his young actors at local hangouts, Green, his cast and crew (also NCSA grads) lived together during the making of the film, and the enforced closeness of communal living spills into the film’s improvised scenes. George Washington exposes viewers to another side of the South–a landscape far off the tourist path where rusted metal constructions and abandoned industrial buildings provide a playground for a group of children. Narrated by one of the youth, the story of an innocent game-turned-tragic–and its consequences–unfolds. Shot in 35mm Cinemascope. See “Opening Friday” for theaters and times.