In three weeks, three producers reshaping the borders between electronica, Intelligent Dance Music and hip hop will have visited the Triangle, beginning with Prefuse 73 and Caribou and ending Monday, May 16 at Kings with the most sublime of the lot. On Blue Eyes in the Red Room, Boom Bip–the music moniker of Cincinnati’s Bryan Hollon–carefully intertwines vines of rhythmic and melodic material into textured beauties that sound simple until you find something new on the 40th spin. But Boom Bip is an appetizer for Mice Parade, Adam Pierce’s acoustic guitar and percussion project featuring the jaw-slackening touring lineup of Mum’s Kristin Anna Valtysdottir, The Dylan Group’s Dylan Cristy and Doug Scharin of HiM. Bem-Vinda Vontade explodes from pregnant pauses and dynamic hide-and-seek into loose rituals of beautiful voices, hectic guitars and exorbitant drumming. Phon, a drone-prone, somnambulant-sounding duo, isn’t your quintessential Raleigh “rock” band, and here that’s a good thing.