By some people’s reckoning, this race in Hillsborough was about the decaying Colonial Inn and the fate of the “Confederate memorial” lettering on the town’s former whites-only library. Others say it was about whether you support Hillsborough’s current track or you don’t.

Either way, the status quo is celebrating tonight in Hillsborough. Incumbent town commissioners Brian Lowen and Evelyn Lloyd, as well as Mark Bell, a candidate closely aligned with the incumbents, won a resounding victory Tuesday night.

With three seats up for grabs, longtime commissioner Lloyd led all candidates with 29 percent of the vote, followed by Lowen at 28 percent and Bell at 28 percent. Conservative candidates Ashley DeSena and Cindy Lee Talisman managed about 7 percent and 5 percent, respectively, of the vote.

If you were voting only to decide the memorial lettering and the inn, the former is likely doomed; the latter, through the town-backed process of eminent domain, is probably bound for a major facelift. More on this key Hillsborough race to come.