Listen up folks, ‘cuz I ain’t gonna say this but only once. The concert of the summer is gonna be at the Cat’s Cradle on Aug. 2 and I got five reasons why. 1) Jurassic 5 has one of the best shows ever. 2) Supernatural is one of the best freestylists ever. 3) Spectac is the illest freestyling principal ever. 4) Kaze always throws a dope show on the Cradle’s stage. Oh, and number 5) Jurassic 5 really rocks.

If you missed J5’s last tour two years ago, you missed a lot. Jam-packed and interactive, J5 knows the meaning of a hip-hop show. With the success of their latest album Power In Numbers, it will be interesting to see how they have changed and how they have stayed the same. One thing is for sure, that this Lollapalooza headliner isn’t just coming to one of the smallest, yet greatest venues in the Southeast for no reason. J5 knows how they’ll get it up at the Cradle, broken off proper. If you check out the show you’ll know why. You better get your tickets ASAP–this show sells out! There are also bets out on whether or not Big Daddy Kane will perform “A Day At The Races” (which is almost as good as the Marx Bros. flick). That alone should be a reason to go.

And again our indie acts are kicking ass. Spectac, our pal and favorite local rapper at the moment, is making waves on the airwaves with his single “Lessons From The Ghetto” off of his label Princpals of Entertainment. He’ll be fresh from Rock Steady in NYC and will surely be amped to be home on the same stage as fellow freestyler Supernatural.

OK, so I went over my five reasons because there are so many reasons to come out to the Cradle on Aug. 2. So rush out and get them tickets–this isn’t a show to miss! Call 967-9053 for details.