The Herald Sun today has a somewhat bloodless Q and A with recently installed UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp, which includes revelations such as the type of car he drives (Mazda Miata, black) and what songs he’s most adept at playing (“Chain of Fools,” “Margaritaville”).

Thorp isn’t pushed on any substantive university related issues until late in the interview, when he’s asked about the proposed UNC airport in Orange County. According to Thorp, there is much to be decided before the university actually moves to build the facility:

We’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of us … The airport authority as we’ve said will collect lots of public input, do their own study about where the airport might or might not go, and you know it’s probably going to be a year before we’ve got the authority named and they’ve done all their studies and where to point as a community we’re going to have to decide whether and where to build an airport.