This is a dreamy, Sunday twilight kind of album. Instrumentalists Choose Your Own Adventure offer a spare, somnambulant ambience on their new six-song album. There’s often a spacey quality at work reminiscent at times of Galaxie 500, as on “Prayers for Savannah” and “Fog Walk,” whose gentle, sleepy, morphing drones are as ethereal and enveloping as the song titles imply. These tracks stand in bas-relief to the album opener, “Luca Brasi,” and “Boat, Wave, Walker.” “Luca” is more aggressive, closer to the intricately plotted guitar work of a math-rock band, though not as tense. It features a dark, repeated figure that gathers steam mid-song and grows with fearful medieval intensity like a harbinger of the ascent of Mordor. Equally unusual among these tracks is the slow-burn folk tune “Boat, Wave, Walker,” which builds much like “Luca” but works on a more insistently catchy guitar line and an infectious, urgent bounce reminiscent of Pylon. It’s easily the best track on the album, and only begs the question why they don’t follow that thread further.