In a letter the News and Observer ran on its website Monday, Rexford Alexander from Apex had the following to say about the forty-nine people killed in a mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando Saturday night:

While the N&O posted letters to its website as they came in yesterday, it didn’t publish Alexander’s letter in print, according to editorial page editor Ned Barnett.

“We did have some crazy letters come in, and a couple of them we did make sure they didn’t go in [the newspaper],” says Barnett. “We tried to distinguish between what we were hearing out there and what we published. We had a couple we decided not to publish because they were too inflammatory, but I think the thinking was, there was some value in showing the range of commentary.”

In the wake of another tragedy on a long-running list in this horrorshow of a world we live in today, take heart in that the letters most people felt compelled to write show support for, rather than hatred towards, the LGBTQ community.

We’re also pretty sure Rexford Alexander does NOT speak for Apex.