On May 25, comedian Jeff Dunham will come to Charlie Goodnight’s to prove that the vaudeville traditions are alive and well–his ventriloquism act has landed him slots on major television talk shows. One of Dunham’s alter egos is the famous and frowning Walter, a curmudgeon who purportedly told Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show: “It will be a cold day in hell before I come back to this show!” Apparently the reverse psychology worked–Dunham has earned the distinction of performing on the Tonight Show more than any other ventriloquist. The Dallas performer’s other sidekicks include Peanut, a “woozle” with a raging id; Bubba, a country bumpkin; and Jose, a self-deprecating jalapeño. The combination of personalities is sure to tickle and inspire, and if you miss Dunham on Thursday, he’ll be performing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well. Call 828-5233 for more information.