A new robo-call by Republican candidate for N.C. House District 35 Chris Malone tells constituents that he wants to “get good kids out of failing schools.”

Malone currently serves as a Wake County school board member and has recently been mired in scandal over allegations of an affair with fellow board member Debra Goldman, who is running for state auditor. Goldman also named Malone as a suspect in the reported theft of $130,000 worth of jewelry, coins and cash from her Cary residence. Malone was later cleared by Cary police.

The latest robo-call pulls the curtain back on the conservative approach to schools. Malone’s message says, “I want to get good kids out of failing schools, so every single kid can have a great education.”

Such logic seems flawed. If Malone pulls the “good kids”—Does this mean white kids? Rich kids? Smart kids?—out of “failing schools,” it’s unclear how the failing school will then be more likely to provide a “great education.”

Presumably, Malone’s statement is a representation of his belief in neighborhood schools. It could also be a nod to school vouchers or school choice.

Malone is running against Lori Millberg, who is a former Wake County school board member. N.C. House District 35 is Northeast of Raleigh and comprises parts of Wake Forest.

I’ve called both Malone and Millberg for comment and will update this post when I hear back.

Here’s the full text of Malone’s robo-call.

Hi folks,

This is Chris Malone calling. I’m running for North Carolina House 35 to do three things.

First, I want to help create jobs in Wake County.

Second, I want to get good kids out of failing schools, so every single kid can have a great education.

Third, I want to stop the politicians from wasting your tax dollars and mine.

How do I know I can accomplish these things? Because I have in the past. Because I’ve been a voice of reason on the Wake Forest planning board, the Wake Forest town board and now the Wake County school board. I know how to get things done, I have and I will continue to do so. And I will not be stopped from fighting for you and your family’s quality of life.

I’m Chris Malone and I’m asking you for your vote in the North Carolina House.

My personal cell phone number is 919-395-4903. Again, 919-395-4903. Call me anytime you have a question. I am a public servant and I work for you.

This call was paid for by Malone for NC House and thank you folks.