Former President Jimmy Carter has cancelled his appearance tonight at Durham’s Regulator Bookshop and will remain in a Cleveland hospital overnight where he is being treated for an upset stomach. (More details from CNN here.)


Wander Lorentz De Haas, a manager of the Regulator, says Carter, who was slated to sign copies of his latest book, “The White House Diaries,” will set a new date.

“We just know from the publisher that they are keeping him overnight, although it went back and forth several times today,” he says.

The store received the news at 3 p.m. Lorentz De Haas says he expects to hear from the publisher within the next 24 hours to confirm another day for Carter to meet and greet Triangle readers.

“Obviously we hope he gets better soon,” he says. “He was in Cleveland for a book signing there as well, and when he arrived there early this morning he was ill. We don’t think it’s anything serious as we’ve heard from secret service.”