John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh and part of the imperial ruling council of the Art Pope Empire, is not someone given to political smears, racism or homophobia. Thus, the blogger who posted on a JLF site last week about President Obama’s decision to oppose Amendment One — and illustrated it with an image dripping with racism and homophobia — is gone, fired by Hood as soon as he saw what she’d put up.

Hood explained himself in an online column this morning (h/t Blue NC) and also stated his personal opposition to Amendment One:

I think amending North Carolina’s constitution to forbid gay and lesbian couples from receiving any future legal recognition, including civil unions, is unwise and unfair. In my opinion the real threat to marriage is not the prospect of gay people getting hitched. It is the reality of straight people too quickly resorting to divorce, or never getting hitched in the first place.

A good piece, worth reading in its entirety, and one for the Republic.

Somewhere, Obi-Wan is smiling.