Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane and challenger Charles Francis seem likely to remain the highest profile candidates in October 10 municipal elections, but city council races are starting to take shape as well.

Among the council contents, filings submitted by Tuesday found at-large member Russ Stephenson opposed by Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi (formerly Shelia Jones). In District B, David Cox filed Tuesday to run for re-election for the seat he won following his efforts to ward off high-profile growth in his district.

Long-time Wake and Raleigh politician John Odom told the N&O Tuesday that he will oppose Cox in the District B. However, he told the INDY that he has yet to file for the race but will do so tomorrow.

“I think that I’m a guy that is a mitigator and can work with a variety of people,” Odom says.

District C incumbent Corey Branch will face James G. Bledsoe. District D incumbent Kay Crowder will square off against Bobby Plott Jr. And District E incumbent Bonner Gaylor filed Tuesday, running so far without opposition.

From at-large incumbent Mary-Ann Baldwin: another day, no word.