Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt says he sees a lot of Carlo Robustelli in Mark McCurry, the man he’s chosen to serve as his aide.

The two had the same double major, political science and philosophy, at UNC. McCurry is 27. Robustelli was 25 when he started as former Mayor Kevin Foy’s aide in July 2007.

“I want him to do what Carlo did, which is be the mayor’s assistant, but also be available to the to the council,” Kleinschmidt said. “I want to be reminded of Carlo through Mark in those other ways, too.”

McCurry is learning how to do that, shadowing Robustelli for a couple days a week until he takes the reins on New Year’s Day and puts his own stamp on the office.

“(Carlo) has been incredibly gracious and seems like a great asset,” said McCurry, who worked with Kleinschmidt as a legal assistant at the Center for Death Penalty litigation before running his election campaign.

Robustelli said he’s sharing mechanics, but not specifics.

“He’s going to have to manage his own path, create his own way,” he said. “He and Mark (Kleinschimdt) will come to figure out how you fit in with the style of boss.”